Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Days 12 and 13: The Very Big Project

Two days. That is how long it took to unearth all my fabric and yarn that were packed away in totes and boxes, and basically a big jumbled mess.

I sorted all my scraps of fabric by color and ended up with 11 totes that I can now look through quickly when working. Plus I think it sets a good perimeter on what I can keep. If it won't fit in the tote then I have to get rid of some. (That's the theory anyway...)

The drawers are now for my yarn storage and sorted by weight and style of yarn. I think 4 drawers of yarn should be enough for anybody, right?

And the big blue tote in the corner? Yeah. That is all my pieces of fabric that are a yard or more. I made a solemn vow not to buy any more fabric until I emptied that box by sewing my way through it... that vow lasted about 6 hours until I went to the fabric store with my cousin tonight and found a beautiful, butter yellow, fine gauge corduroy in the clearance rack. Hey, at least I am not addicted to crack or heroin...

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Emilie said...

Not to feed the addiction or anything, but that fabric was to die for. You pretty much had to get it.