Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7: a short post

I am feeling thwarted by the sewing gods. I ran out of purple thread with 2 seams to go, arrrgh!! But I finished the teal ones so I am counting those for today. Again, a simple project that I cut out probably close to a year ago and then has sat in my to do pile. I am glad to be done with them... almost.


Emilie said...

how long did they take you to make? Do you think they would be easy to attach under a skirt to make a skort?

----I really need to get together with you so I can get some of my projects actually done.

Chrissy said...

These took maybe 30 min. each, but I would do an even simpler pattern if I wanted to make a skort. It all depends on the skirt pattern you want to modify and what kind of waist band it has.