Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 5: KIP Bag

KIP: Knitting In Progress. A very cool lady, who I met at the knitting group I go to, designed this awesome bag which is perfect for a small portable socks! Ever since I saw her and her daughter's bags I have been wanting to make one. So today I did!

And when I say cool I mean works-in-a-dress-shop, sews-weddings-gowns, wears-50's-style-vintage and red-lipstick kind of cool... Okay, maybe you have to be "sew" geeky like me to appreciate that, but she is awesome! Thanks for the pattern, Tracy!

I also hemmed a few more pairs of ruined pants into summer shorts...

Another hint about this is that if the hole has gotten too big and makes it so you can't hem them without making them too short, you can cut the pant leg off as close to the hole as possible and then just sew a line of stitching around the leg at about 1/4" seam. The edge will fray, but no farther than the stitching. If these were for a girl you could sew lace or a ruffle of fabric on for added length... but I don't think my son would appreciate that!

Close up detail to show the difference between the rolled hem and the frayed hem.

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