Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 4: from the mending pile...

This is probably self explanatory, but my project today was to turn some of Jake's old school pants that he wore a hole into the knee into some shorts for summer. It's also great for when they suddenly shoot up an inch or two so their pants still fit around the waist but are all floods at the ankles. A nice way to stretch that clothing budget.

And if you take the time to match your thread to the top stitching already on the pants no one will ever know they weren't shorts to begin with! (...and can I take a minute to pat myself on the back? Today has been so crazy I haven't had a minute to sneak down to the sewing room until 11 pm. I was almost going to throw in the towel but having this challenge has really motivated me! So a 10 minute mending job and Jake has more shorts for the summer, win-win.)

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