Saturday, March 28, 2009

Group crafting ROCKS!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to my little get-together today. It was like a play date for grown-ups! It was so fun to hang with you all and get creative together. I am going to do this again soon so if you missed out this time keep your eye on this blog for details of the next play date. (And I am totally kicking myself for not getting any pictures so if you have some of your finished bows you want to send me I will post them here in all their cuteness!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two UFOs Finished!

One of the things I love about Sundays is that Brian is home and can help with the kids so I can usually sneak a few hours of uninterrupted sewing time in. I am working hard to clean up and organize my sewing room and while I was sorting through one of my cupboards I came across the summer clothes I started for Evie last year. Less then an hour later we had two finished outfits...

I'm really glad I cut them a little larger for her last year, so they will still fit! How cute is she? I can't wait for it to get warm so she can start wearing these.

Now my goal is to cut out all the projects I have been stock piling the last few months so that when I have an hour I can spending it sewing instead of digging through piles and bins trying to figure out where I have left pieces and patterns. I got part of the girl's Easter dresses cut out yesterday too, so keep an eye out for those... unless they don't turn out. I'm making the pattern up as I go and that can be iffy. (Not that they don't have enough dresses in their closets already.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been on a bow making kick...

And seriously, you'd think with an entire sewing/craft room downstairs my kitchen wouldn't end up looking like a bomb went off in a ribbon store.
But my excuse this time is that I wanted to try my hand at making these cute corker bows and you have to wrap the ribbons on wooden dowels and bake them in the oven, hence the need to work in the kitchen.

Some of my finished bows. I especially like the blue buttons, so simple but so cute!

And seriously, for pennies you can make boutique quality bows that they charge $5-10 dollars for. So that brings me to my next plan. I have had many people ask me to teach them how to make bows and I have been wanting to start a sewing/craft group. So I am inviting anyone who wants to come to a bow making party on Saturday, the 28th of March. (I am assuming that if you want to come you will already know me and know where I live.) It will be open house style, from 12-6 pm. Come for as little or long as you like. Bring ribbons, buttons, or whatever else your imagination can come up with to make fun hair bows for your little princess. If you leave me a comment telling me what you are interesting in making, I can give you an idea of what supplies you'll need. These would make excellent gifts for any daughter, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, or friend in your life. And if you don't have a need or interest in learning to make hair bows, bring another project and just come for some good quality girl time! My plan is to have this be a monthly occurrence where you can all come sit and stitch and visit, no matter what handicraft you prefer. So bring your mom, your sister, your friends, your mad crafting skills and let's create together!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Like I need another project....

That is what my loving and supportive husband just said when I told him I was starting a craft blog. Nice. But the idea behind this blog is two-fold.

1: To share ideas and hopefully make me want to make forward progress on my many unfinished objects (from here on out refered to as UFOs).
2: To serve as a craft journal of the projects I end up gifting away.

Case in point, this adorable rag quilt that will be going to a sister in my ward who had a baby boy a month ago.
It is puppy dog prints and a red flannel back, and it worked up even cuter than I had envisioned in my mind's eye. So now I have a record to look back and remember how much I liked this finished project long after the quilt has gone to it's new home.

Another example:
This is an heirloom-quality cable knit blanket I made for my brother's first born. I got the pattern off Knitting Pattern Central, a great directory of free knitting patterns. And now that my brother is moving his family across the country I won't get to see the blanket in person anymore. (I'll miss my family too...)

So there you have it, I'll be posting pictures during all phases of my creative process. Mostly for myself, but feel free to look around and leave a comment.