Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 16: More birthday presents...

I was very sick on Friday. Crawl from couch-to-bed-to-bathtub-to-couch-again kind of sick. So I am going to consider the challenge paused for Friday and pick right up today. I cut out a bunch of doll clothes to make for Evie last Christmas, but they didn't fit the Cabbage Patch doll I was making them for. And they didn't fit any of her other dolls either. So they have set tucked away for the last seven months. A couple of weeks ago I found this doll at Dollar Tree and they actually fit her! Hooray! (Plus she even has a cute face, which usually the dolls at the dollar stores don't.)

So now I have a week in which to hurry up and sew! There will be a lot of girly projects for the next little while.

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