Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Church Dresses

A few weeks ago, while getting ready for church, I realized that both my girls have recently gone through major growth spurts.  You know it is a problem when there are over 20 dresses hanging in their closet and the only ones that fit are for the wrong season...

No problem-  time to whip up a few summer dresses.  

The first one completed is for Lila:

This dress cost me $5.  The gingham is a cotton/linen blend that I got on sale for $4 and then when I got home I found a remnant that I had bought a few months earlier for $1 that was the perfect shade of matching purple!  It was meant to be.

I already had the pattern and the buttons, which I bought on sale for a quarter.  Okay, it cost me $5.25.  Still not too bad...