Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Shower Crafting

I can finally show off what I have been working so hard on the last month. Last Friday we (my sister, Caite, sister-in-law, Elena, and myself) threw a Baby Safari shower for our cousin, Tiffany, who is expecting her first baby next month. We had so much fun planning and making this shower. Give us a theme and we go a little nuts. We had yummy food, and a fun time hanging out with friends and family.

This cute crate held the prizes for a game and she can use it to store the baby's toys or shoes later on. Caite painted the words with a stencil and we glued on the cute painted wooden animals.

Tiffany is expecting a girl so we had to make some hair bows for her! I want to draw your attention to the "Pebbles" style bows in the upper corner designed by Caite and the adorable yellow flowers with the green ribbons by Elena. My favorite contribution was the lady bug clippie. (Yeah, some times we get a little carried away when we make hair bows...)

So, since we had so many cute clippies to display, Caite (I think) came up with the very cute idea of making a hair bow mobile. You can see it hanging in the grass hut that Tiffany sat in to open her presents. We jokingly called it the "fertility hut", but Jake couldn't get that right and kept calling it the "utility hut".

This rag quilt was my present to Tiffany. I had so much fun picking out the fabrics, like I said... give us a theme...

A week or so before the shower I saw this tutorial to make these taggy toys and couldn't resist. I already had all the materials and they literally only take 15 minutes to make from beginning to end.

Now, I didn't make these. These are some cute flannel burp cloths and a changing pad made by the proud Grandma-to-be, my Aunt Kamra. Isn't this a fun idea though, they are clipped so they will rag like the quilt I made. I filed the idea away for the next time I need a baby shower gift...
(Also if you noticed we have the same Jungle Baby fabric, yeah... that wasn't on purpose. Two great minds, hundreds of miles apart, will still think alike.)

I wish I had a close up photo of the cute way the tables were decorated, although you can kind of see it here. We had raffia and greenery and flowers as table runners and then sprinkled in amongst that was little stuffed animals, safari-themed rubber ducks, and a set of alphabet blocks that we painted and modge-podged stickers to. They turned out so cute!

There are more details that I am hoping that someone else got a picture of, and if they did I will post them here soon. We had camo netting hung above the tables with stuffed monkeys and birds and flowering vines hanging from it, we had animal print balloons and palm trees made out of carpet roll tubes and paper leaves and some very cute signs that Caite had painted. And we made a six tier diaper cake surmounted by a palm tree and a stuffed gorilla!

It was the best baby shower ever, thanks to everyone who came and made it that much more fun! And congratulations Tiffany, you are going to be a great mom!!


Steven and Tiffany said...

Thank you Chrissy, Caite, and Elena! That shower made my month. It was so much fun--it was perfect! I kept trying to hold back the tears, I loved it so much...(these pregnant-emotional moments are driving me crazy...I can barely keep myself together!)
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had the time of my life!

P.S. Steven's jaw dropped when he saw a few pictures on Janessa's camera. He was quite impressed and I think he secretly wished he went!

Kamra said...

Chrissy you lived up to your promise that this was going to be a kick-(bleep) shower!!! It was truely the funest shower I have ever been too! You are all so creative! Thanks for all your work and making it such a great day for Tiffany. I know she appreciated your efforts and all the wonderful gifts! Kaia is very spoiled!