Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sew Through the Decades Challenge: Week 2

This last week was 1910-1919.   I loved looking at all the pictures of the little girls in the dropped waist dresses and I liked the detail of the sash through bands of lace or fabric like on image i below.

So I designed a sun-dress for my three year old with those elements.  

The dress is white cotton eyelet. It sewn almost like a tube top, with elastic around the top and the skirt gathered slightly to the bottom.  Then I took 3" wide lace and tacked it in place at the top and bottom of the dress and stitched across it at the skirt seam to create a pocket for the ribbon sash to go through.

Each lace band runs up and over her shoulder to create a strap/sleeve at the top.  I also added a tiny cotton lace trim at the bottom of the skirt for a finishing detail.

With the hat and gloves from our dress up box I think she looks ready to head to the shore "In The Good Old Summertime".

I also entered the dress into this contest.  There are a lot of fun projects to look at over there.


Melissa Stramel said...

Oh my word -- how cute! Thanks so much for entering it in the contest.

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty!