Friday, June 18, 2010

Evie's Hat

I really love this hat pattern.  I have made 4 of them so far, one for each of my girls and 2 for baby gifts.  I love that with a few different details, it can be perfect either a boy or a girl.  And maybe most of all I love that so far all of them have only taken a single small skein of yarn.  (Even when I sized it up to fit my older daughter.)  So this adorable vision in pink cost me less than $4!

(Just ignore the messy face, about the only time I can get her to hold this still is lunchtime...)

I just clipped one of her flower hair bows to the band.  So she could wear it plain or with a flower or bow.  I am excited to see the many possibilities we come up with. I also love that she loves it, she calls it her "cute hat" and wore for the better part of the day.  


Emilie said...

Another winner!

Mary said...

It is a cute hat. :)

Dinee said...

That is really cute.

Natalie said...

Your talent just makes me sick. What can't you do?