Monday, January 17, 2011

A lazy Monday sewing...

We were very lucky in that the kids' had today off of school and Daddy had today off of work.  So we got to enjoy an extra long weekend, which means we stayed up late last night and let everyone sleep in this morning. Well, everyone that would anyways.... which means I was up around 9:30 with Lila.  But since we didn't have anywhere to be or anything we had to do today I thought I would take advantage of the quiet morning and do some sewing. 

I have recently noticed that Jake must be going through a growth spurt, as all of his pajama pants are now a couple of inches short.  So I cut out three new pairs.

He's so pleased not to have cold ankles...

I also noticed that lately Evie is going through a dress phase. All she wants to wear are dresses. And most of her everyday or play dresses are light cottons meant for warmer weather. So I am making her a dress out of flannel. It will be so soft and warm. Plus I just love the colors in the fabric; it will look great layered over teal, or brown, or orange, or white, or cream! Yay for options!

Today I also screwed up my courage and set about dealing with "THE GREEN SWEATER"

Why such a menacing title for such a little dainty piece? 

I started this sweater almost two years ago. It was originally intended for Evie. I had knit a couple of more challenging pieces for her by this point and they were almost all pink or purple. I had had enough of pink and purple so I choose the lovely and soothing shade of dark sage.  Once it was knitted I tried to try it on her only to have her flat out declare that she would NOT wear a green sweater.  After a wrestling match in which I was eventually the winner and I could determine that it did indeed fit her, I found out that she meant she would not wear the green sweater without sobbing and screaming the entire time it was on her body.  I was so mad I threw it to the bottom of my knitting basket and there it sat, only needing to be blocked, for about a year until Lila got big enough to fit into it. Then I pulled it out and tried it on Lila, who was all smiles and hugs for the new sweater.  Evie came into the room while Lila had it on and said, "Oh! That is so cute! Will you knit me one?"  

No. No I won't.

Today I finally got around to blocking the lace on the bottom and cuffs and was pleasantly surprised and how quick and painless it was. And thank heavens it still fits Lila perfectly, with room to grow.  Which is good, because I love this color and this just may be the only green sweater I ever get to knit...


Emilie said...

I don't know how you do it. Sewing takes me SO long.

I am impressed.

And I love the green too.

Sarah said...

Very cute! Any matching sweater vests popping out of your sewing bag soon?

Chrissy said...

Sarah- absolutely! I promise I haven't forgotten about them, in fact I came across them just the other day when I was sorting out some yarn and thought, "I need to call and double check the measurements I have," because I want to make sure they are big enough to have some room to grow into without looking like they are way too big. So, um, yeah. Could you measure from their shoulders to their hips and email me with that? :)