Monday, January 10, 2011

Delicate Lace and Button Cuff

I got the idea for this cuff when I was sewing my girls' Christmas nightgowns.  I was playing around with my box of lace trying to pick something to embellish the nightgown and ended up overlapping some pre-gathered lace to make a double sided ruffle.

Then I had a light bulb moment; I could make a pretty cuff or choker with the same technique!

I chose a piece of flat black lace and laid it out so the pattern was offset.  I stitched it down the middle with a small zig-zag and fairly short stitch length.  Then I measured my wrist, cut the lace to size, including enough to fold over a 1/4" seam on each end and stitch down.

Now for the fun, pulling out the grab-bag of buttons my sister bought at Hobby Lobby and finding the perfect embellishments. (P.S. Caite- I owe you three buttons and a jewel sticker...)

My choices: A large white button to which I added a three dimensional scrapbook sticker to cover the thread, a small metal button with an antique silver finish, and a tiny mother of pearl button that was probably originally from a man's shirt collar. 

I sewed on two medium snaps for a closure. 
(I would have preferred to use black snaps, but silver was what I had on hand, and you can't see them once the cuff is on.)

This was a fun and quick project that would be easy for even beginning sewers to accomplish. You could whip up a fast accessory to match any outfit or make one to give as a unique gift for Valentine's Day! 

I am entering this idea into this contest! Check it out for some other fun sewing and craft ideas.

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Caitlin said...

Awesome. And you could just owe me a cuff of my own for the buttons...hint, hint!