Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My knitting nook...

About a month or so ago, my husband came to me and said in a very serious tone of voice, "Chrissy. I think we need to resign ourselves to the fact that yarn and knitting things are just going to be a part of our living room.  So maybe we should think about getting some shelving or something to contain all your... stuff." 

I assume that when he said "we need to resign ourselves" he was actually talking about himself. I already knew that knitting paraphernalia was a permanent fixture in our living room.... 

And to be fair I know that I needed to be more organized than my sewing basket would allow.  So I was thrilled at the green light to start looking for something to house it all in.

When I am in the middle of a couple of projects or serious crafting time, like getting ready for Christmas, more often than not my front room looks like this.

Piles and baskets everywhere and me often frustrated that although I know I own at least 6 tape measures and literally hundreds of needles, I can never find one when I need it!

The sad little basket (the one half buried in half-knitted sweaters, not the one filled with books) that I out grew  a year and a half ago.

The couch that my children aren't allowed to sit on at times because I am spread from one end to the other... that and they like to poke my double-points into the seat cushions.  So naughty!

But now....

I am in love with my newly organized knitting shelf!

Bins to hold the various WIPs, easy access to all my pattern books, and even room for the odd embroidery or cross-stitched project that might jump into the queue.

I even found a fun glass to store my crochet hooks and the stray needle or pair of scissors that may need a home for a minute or two. It says "sirop de citron" on it and it makes me feel all eclectic and designer-y.

I am so excited to have my very own knitting storage that I will probably even put all my projects away before I go to bed at night! least til' the new wears off.


Karin Redman said...

I LOVE IT! I must start throwing my sewing around the floor too, so that my hubbie realises the urgency of getting a really cool sewing storage unit.
Love your blogg btw. x

justjessica said...

Organization is key to anyone with a hobby!

Natalie said...

Love! I wish I had one. My living room looks a lot like yours pre-shelf. :)