Monday, January 25, 2010

January's Socks

I have decided that my crafting goal for this year is to knit (at least) one pair of socks each month. This is a very doable goal. I probably already have enough sock yarn in my stash to accomplish this without having to spend any money. (Plus then on the plus side, if I knit through my stash I get to get more yarn to replace it. Win-win!) So here are the socks I finished in January. The pattern is called Harris Tweed and the yarn was a stocking stuffer. (Sock yarn for a stocking stuffer! Almost as good as getting socks in your Christmas sock...)

It is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, colorway Champlain Sunset. I love the bright pink with the hits of orange and aqua. I thought they were very cheery, just what I need to battle the winter blues. And I have enough yarn left that I am hoping to get a matching pair for my three year old out of it!

I got them done in just under two weeks, despite all the help from my one year old...

I guess that will teach me to leave my sock bag where she can get to it.

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