Sunday, September 2, 2012

Christmas Boot Camp 2012

Now that summer is almost over and the kids are heading back to school it's time to do what all sane crafters do...

Start working on Christmas projects!

Okay, maybe not totally sane. But then, I probably wouldn't be so crafty if I were...

My cousin came up with a great idea to come down and visit me for a week and work on getting as much Christmas sewing done as we can. We are calling it our Christmas Boot Camp, and I am loving the idea of having most if not all my holiday crafting wrapped up before Thanksgiving. Another bonus is that due to years of unfinished Christmas projects and a fairly extensive stash, I am going to be miles ahead on the budget! My husband will love that. 

Today I've spent a couple of hours cleaning up the sewing room, making lists and pulling fabrics and half finished projects out of all their hidey-holes. So far I've got 46 projects on my list. I'm kind of excited to see just how many of those can get sewn up in one week if I get all the cutting out and other prep work done ahead of time. 





Utter madness?

Most likely...

But I have a feeling we'll have a great time trying. Get a couple of crafters hopped up on caffeine and fiber fumes and it's a party man!

P.S. That 46 projects doesn't include any knitting... Christmas Boot Camp: the Knitting Edition will come in another month or so.


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