Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 6: Out and About

So did you guess right? This one was my entry...

Doll Carrier Backpack

My little girl is at a stage where every time we go anywhere she wants to bring her doll and a whole bunch of stuff to go with the doll, clothes, hair brush, a blanket, etc. And we all know what that means... I'm the one that ends up carrying the doll and trying to keep track of all the bits and pieces. I was looking at getting the American Girl backpack for her birthday, but it is almost $50! I thought, "I could make that for a lot less."

I used a fine wale corduroy for the body of the bag, and lined it with the bright pink polka dot cotton for a pop of color. The straps for both the doll and my daughter are piped in a matching pink. I decided to have the bag zip shut so I didn't have to worry about losing the doll accessories, and the shoulder straps to hold the doll in the pocket snap shut so the doll won't fall out either. 

For half the price of buying the American Girl version I made a great backpack and doll clothes to go in it! I think my daughter is going to love it when she gets it for her birthday next week. :)

Evie was thrilled with her presents. She wanted to do a doll fashion show to show-off all the new clothes that were in the backpack!

Pink print shirt and denim blue jumper with ric-rac trim.

Black and white polka dot dress with white piping detail.

Not gonna lie, the whole time I was sewing this one I was thinking, "I want a dress like this!" :)

Shorts and tunic top with matching bow detail.

Bunny pj's.
(And the whole time I was sewing these I was thinking, "I don't go to this much work for my kid's jammies!")

Bathrobe, to which I added belt loops because otherwise I knew the tie would just end up perpetually lost.

I am thrilled with how everything turned out and how well they fit the doll! I'm loving that the Velcro closures on them mean that Evie can dress her doll herself and isn't coming to me every 5 minutes for help putting her in a new outfit. I had so much fun sewing up these doll clothes, but it was a long week of cramming in lots of sewing. I am going to try to be smarter and have a goal to sew one doll outfit a week, that will put me in great shape for Lila's birthday in November and then Christmas. Yup, my girls are going to have the best dressed dolls around!


Mary said...

Those outfits look amazing, Chrissy!

Chris said...

“I think my daughter is going to love it when she gets it for her birthday next week. :)” – I’m sure she will. And the bag is a bonus! I remember how happy my daughter was when I gave her one of these dolls as a Christmas gift. She couldn’t stop saying how much she loves us, and even named the doll after her mom.[Chris Jeffery]