Monday, July 2, 2012

My Scrappy project entry and on to week #2

Did you guess my Scrappy Project was the Kindle Cover?

Well you were right! :)

I actually made it for Caitlin. I got a nice red leather cover with my Kindle for Christmas, but she's had her Kindle Fire (which is why my Kindle pictured about doesn't fit quite right, it was made to the Kindle Fire measurements.) since her birthday in March and no cover.

She was thrilled when I gave it to her and it makes me happy to see it being put to good use. I thought it was funny, when I was trying to type up the description I wanted to add that it was very tactile-ly pleasing. To feel the different fabrics and run your fingers over the stitches. But then I thought that maybe sounded just a bit creepy, so I left it out. The first thing Caite said when I gave it to her and she put her Kindle in it? "Oooh, this is very tactile-ly pleasing!"  I swear! The exact same made up word! I guess that sort of thing is genetic... 

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and helped me make it through to week #2. 

Or Upcycled, or whatever you want to call it. I had the most fun with this project and would love it if you voted for me!

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Mary said...

I did guess that it was yours, and I think it's fantastic! And the made up word is hilarious. :)