Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I made it!

My audition piece was the Sweet Little Sun-Dress 

Now I can show off how cute my darling girl looks in it!

Vintage embroidered pillowcase and silk ribbon.

I didn't take pictures for a step by step tutorial, but it is pretty straight forward and uses pretty basic sewing techniques.

I cut the skirt to the length I wanted, then cut the rest of the pieces from the left over fabric.
(I always add 1/2" seam allowance to each side, so doubled it's 1". It makes the math easier, and I am all about making the math easier...) 
The finished band is 2" wide so my strip was 5" x (chest measurement + 1"). I folded it half and then realized that I needed an opening in the skirt since I wanted the top to be fitted. 
I cut a small slit about 4" down the center back, then finished the edge with a small piece of bias cut from the same cloth. 
I added a  3" placket to one side of the band to sew the buttons to, and the buttons can moved to allow her to wear the piece longer as she grows.

The 1 1/2" shoulder straps were 3 1/2" x 18". (I only take a 1/4' seam allowance when sewing a tube so the seam won't be too bulky.)
I pressed the seam to the center of the strap so it would be hidden against her skin when worn. 

I gathered the skirt to fit the band and pinned the shoulder straps into the seam in the front before sewing it in place. 
When they were tacked into place along the top of the band it makes a fun detail along the front of the dress, and a convenient place to hook my finger and keep her from running away during church. :)
I added the ruched ribbon trim and the buttons and we were ready for her to model it!

So... now for my story about timing. 

Last year when I tried out for this contest I was so bummed when I didn't make it. Then Missy emailed and asked if I was interested in trying out for later season, in the fall. I said "For sure!" and went about my life.  Which included some craziness like this, this and this. When Missy contacted me and told me that it was time, I asked to be put back on the waiting list as we were getting ready for a major remodeling project. But I underestimated just how slow government red tape can be. Fast forward another six months and we finally have been approved for the funding and are starting our major remodeling project, which entails packing up and moving out for the next 3-4 months, in the next few weeks. At the same time Missy emailed me about auditions. I wasn't about to put this off again, so I said, "Why not?" 

It's do-able. Crazy, but do-able. It actually made for a nice difference, last year I was a nervous wreck the entire week the auditions were posted. This time around I've been much more relaxed and had an attitude of "If I make it... awesome. If I don't... it wasn't meant to be." (Don't get me wrong. Now that I'm in, I'm super excited and my brain is going overtime thinking up crafty ideas!) In one way it's really good for me because the situation (packing up and being away from my sewing room for months) means that I have to be very organized and prepared. No last minute procrastination for me, I have to decide on my projects and get them done. So even if I get voted off I will still post them over here and play along at home. 

Long story short, life is what happens when you're busy making plans and if you wait for conditions to be perfect before you craft you'll never make anything but plans!


Emilie said...

SO exciting! Congratulations!

strat said...

I can say you're already accepted. So cute!