Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yarn Binge

Last Saturday I spring cleaned my yarn stash.

 And by cleaned I mean more along the lines of rearranged. 

I had every intention of being incredibly harsh and pulling out yarns that I don't love and know that I will never knit up. I really tried to be critical and honest with myself about what I would and wouldn't use. When all was said and done, I had about five skeins in the discard pile. Hmmm...

I moved some stuff around and found a little more room for the yarn I was keeping. 

I also found that I have six socks that are waiting for their mate. I tossed one that was the wrong size and I knew I would never finish, but still... that's five socks that need to be knit and soon. I'm thinking that I need to do a sock of the month thing for a while...

I did cull out two grocery sacks of odds and ends to send to some friends who are undertaking blankets made up of leftovers, so I felt good about that. 

 I realized that I have lots of great yarns and many, many projects in various stages. 

I got all excited about working through some of my great stash.

Then my friend texted me today to brag about the amazing deals she'd just gotten at our local JoAnn's. They are moving locations in the next week and so they are liquidating everything. I've picked up a few things over the past couple of weeks at 50 and 75% off and thought I got great deals then. But with two days left they've marked the entire store down to 90% off!


That's right. Ten cents on the dollar. Um... at that price it would be irresponsible not to stock up!

Let me explain.

I usually pay between $12-24 for a skein of sock yarn. I try to wait for it to go on sale, but sometimes you find a colorway that speaks to you and says, "take me home... you know you want me... I need to be yours!" (In my world sock yarn whispers.)

This is a hand-dyed skein that I paid $24 for.
 (I think it wants to be a pair of gloves... but that's a different post.)

This is what I bought today:

22 skeins of sock yarn
3 skeins of crazy pom-pom yarn 
(Lila has been begging me to buy her this yarn for months, and for 50 cents each she finally wore me down. I have no idea what I am going to do with it. I might just end up letting her lug the skeins around and snuggle with them...)
3 rolls of ribbon
4 button cards
(I would have gotten more, but I think my friend Myra cleaned them out before she called me.)
3 sets of knitting needles

Total before discount = $240

Total I paid = $24! 

So just to recap...

And yes, I was so giddy by this purchase I rushed right home and set up a photo shoot with my new yarn. That's more fun then figuring out how to rearrange the stash again...


Tamara Ackerman said...

I am so jealous of your wonderful find!!! My daughter has been begging for the pom pom yarn too!! How could you resist at 50 cents a skein. Congradulations!!!

Dinee said...

How many pairs do you get out of one skein of sock yarn?

Chrissy said...

Hey Dinee, it totally depends. How big are the recipient's feet? How many yards is the skein? Most of those are one adult sock from one skein, so if they had two of the same color way I grabbed them. If they didn't then they are destined to be socks for my girls, or maybe mittens, and some are for Caite who is making a sock yarn blanket. :)