Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween knits...

A couple of projects inspired by the latest holiday.

My first attempt at fair isle knitting. I've had this pattern for years but was always afraid to attempt it. I decided to try it with the leftover yarn from Jake's sweater, but it came out a little too big for Jake so Brian gets my first attempt. Jake was quick to put in a request for a matching hat.

Baby pants.... wait for it....

That's just ridiculously cute! 
Now if only I knew someone with a... say, two week old baby boy... any takers?
I'll hopefully have a picture or two with them on a cute baby in a couple of weeks. :)

And to wrap up the Halloween creativity I'd like to share a poem my son wrote for me:

Zombie Sheep Attack!
By Jake
age 8

Zombie sheep are coming, so run away!
Zombie sheep are coming, today!
All they really want is their wool back,
But I don't like them.
They're big and merry,
Definitely not hairy, 
And that's why they're so scary,
At least to me!
Zombie sheep attack!!!

I love this kid. He just makes me smile.


April Weeks said...

more amazing work Chrissy. Those baby pants are adorable.

Megs said...

oh man! Those pants!! one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!

Simple Stitches Sewing School said...

Love both knits. You are amazing! Alicia had a baby boy yesterday. I am sure you could strap those cute monster pants to her new little one ;)

Troy and Lisa said...

are these zombie sheep attacking you because of all the wool yarn you have? I'd be scared.

joy reyes said...

Very Creative design
Amazing! Cute little monster pants
God bless
keep up the good work!

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