Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Tea Towel to Smock

This is one of the craft ideas I came up with for if I made it into this season of SYTYC, which I didn't. But that's okay, I am going to play along at home! All the fun and none of the pressure, right? :)

I found these holiday tea towels at my local dollar store and thought, "I can do something fun with that..."

How about a child's smock? Perfect for when you are dying those easter eggs. Or how about if you have a family dinner and egg hunt planned and want to keep those cute easter outfits clean for a photo op later?

I folded the towel in half "hamburger way." (Anyone else have elementary school flashbacks just now?) I cut a narrow half circle, well, half oval really, for the neck and then cut the back open down the center.

You could do a narrow turned hem, or serge and then hem, I opted to use bias tape for a bit of contrasting color. Anything that will finish off those raw edges will work. 

I sewed on some ribbon ties for side closures, which makes the fit adjustable. 

A big fun button and a loop of narrow elastic at the neck back makes an easy and sturdy closure.

Fun, practical and not expensive!

Plus she likes it! Always an important factor in my crafting endeavors.

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April Weeks said...

Very Cute! oh and the smock is pretty cute too.