Monday, September 13, 2010

It's 5 am.... do you know what you are making this Christmas?

I do.

I have been up all night fighting with a certain 22 month old who will not stay in her own bed.  I have spent the better part of the night sitting on the bedroom floor next to her toddler bed, determined that I will prevail and that she will sleep in her own bed tonight.

I lost. (She is really stubborn... or I am really exhausted.)

She has been happily snoring away in my bed for the last hour while I have been creating that neat widget you see to your right.

Somewhere between 2 and 3 am I started thinking about Christmas, and about all the presents I could make with fabric and yarn from my stash and how much money that would save me, and how much more personal a handmade gift is, and then I grabbed a paper and started listing everyone who I need to give a gift to this year and what I could make for them, and before I knew it I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 Christmas projects to accomplish before Dec. 24th.


See, this is a good thing. I usually do this on Nov. 1st. And unless I gave up two meals a day and showering all together, there is just no way the math works out to finish that many projects in a month and a half....

But this way I have over 100 days to win my very own Christmas Crafting Marathon!  And you can all cheer me on while keeping tabs on my progress and watching that big five-oh shrink down to zero.  Because they are mostly presents I won't be able to post too many pictures or details. But won't it be fun getting a peek now and then and wondering if one of my fabulous goodies is meant for you.  (BTW- now would also be an excellent time to let me know if you think you should be on my gift giving list.  I am not promising to add you, but you never know....)

One projects every two days....

That is totally do-able.

Just don't remind me about the birthday presents I need to make between now and then...

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Amanda said...

That's ambition, Chrissy! Good luck. If anyone can do it, you can. Justin found one of his [very non-homemade] Christmas gifts yesterday even though I had it [not so clevery] hidden in an open box on the laundry room floor. He was fine leaving it there until Chrismtas, unlike my other kids would have been, but he must have asked four times yesterday how long it would be until Christmas. Now I can refer him here when he asks.