Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Caite's Birthday present...

This is my cute little sister, Caitlin. And now you can see the mitts modeled by the hands they were made for.

I had just enough yarn left after knitting the mitts to crochet these three little flowers. At first I thought I would attach one to the wrist of each mitt, but when I eked out a third flower I decided they would be much cuter grouped on a hat. And I was right!

Her birthday isn't for another month, but I had toyed around with the idea of giving them to her early because it is winter now. In another month she might not really need them until next winter. I had her try them on for size and she begged me to give them to her early. That made the decision easy. So Happy Birthday Caite! (even though it isn't until next month...)

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