Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas week to go...yikes.

What is it about crafters of any kind, sewers, knitters, crocheters, etc., that we consistently underestimate how long it will take us to make something? Every year, at about this time, I find myself scrambling frantically from pile to pile of unfinished fabric, yarn, and ribbons. Today I realized that one week really only has 7 days in it, and since most of these things are meant to be wrapped and under the tree or tucked into stockings, that is really only 6 days and I had better kick it into high gear. (And maybe be more realistic about what I can actually accomplish between now and then without permanent back or nerve damage...)

item 1: For Jake, a vest and tie. Since I make Christmas dresses for the girls, I thought it would be nice to do something for the boy too. Cut out, except for the tie lining which I need to go rummaging through the stash to see if I already have some so I don't have to make yet another trip to Jo Ann's.

item 2: The aforementioned Christmas dresses. Well, the idea of them anyhow. The fabric is washed, the pattern pieces are cut out, but I am sort of designing and drafting as I go so we'll see how close the finished project is to what I am envisioning. But don't you love the fabric? It's called Cookie Angels and I love it so much I went back for more...

item 3: Okay, this looks like much more craziness then it actually is. I am not making Jake 8 pair of pajama pants, only 3... maybe 4. This is just the fabric selection laid out while I try to choose which ones.

item 4: this is only a maybe, if I finish everything else (hey... it could happen...) I'm thinking of a cute top and skirt for Evie. Of course everything else also includes items 5 and 6: two knitted hats, and item 7: Lila's stocking, which is now correctly pieced and about 75% embroidered. Oh yes, and a doll blanket for Evie that has a crocheted edging, that's almost finished too.

This is my first felted knit project. I love this pattern! And no, these aren't for Christmas. I took time out to make these because I live in a constant state of denial when it comes to crafting. They turned out cute though. Once they are dry I need to sew on the straps and pick out some cute buttons, I'm thinking some black ones will really pop against the red.

And just to end on a positive note, an actual finished and completely completed project! Yay. Jake and Evie's Christmas eve jammies. Evie picked out the snowman fabric for the pants and I found the shirts at Walmart. Love it. Love it. Love it! Can't wait to see them on. Alright, off to get something else done.


Kamra said...

I love the slippers and I love the Christmas jammies, and the Cookie Angel dresses... to die for!!! Only you though, Christiane, would design and sew Christmas dresses... let me guess... they need to be done to wear on Sunday??? That means you have about 32 hours to complete them... oh and the vest??? Yikes!! Go, Chrissy go!! I myself have several blankets to finish....sigh... Christmas fun!! At least I am almost done shopping... now for the wrapping!

Natalie said...

And now I am a blog stalker as well. I love all your crafts. I think we may need to start a crafts addict support group. Are you in? :)