Monday, February 28, 2011

The Month of Me...

I was a selfish knitter this month. 
(It's okay. It was my birthday month.)
After all the deadline knitting and gifts I worked on for the last 4 1/2 months I just didn't want to work on any of my already started projects. I wanted something new. And I wanted it for me. 
So I did...

This is my Shedir hat. 
I love cables and the yarn is a luxurious blend of merino, alpaca and silk that was a treat to work with. 

I know Lila is wearing it, but only because I could not get a decent picture of the top of my own head. It is my hat. 

The other project I finished is this great scarf. I call it my "scarf of shame" because it is cheap cotton yarn that I bought somewhere other than my LYS. I couldn't resist the colors though. I loved watching them change through the rainbow as I knit it. Simple minds are easily amused I suppose. 

I also have a lovely butter yellow yarn that is halfway to being another hat for me. And some wonderful lace socks, also for me, also in progress. I don't know when I'll be able to finish them though as today is the last day of the Month of Me and I need to get going on some other knitting projects I've been putting off. I think having those socks calling to me from my work basket with be a good incentive for me to finish the have-to's and get back to the want-to's!

Also I have taken a chance and enter a project into this crafting contest. I can't tell you which one is mine, but I'd love it if you took a minute to check them out and vote!