Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last of the Summer Crafting and Some Fall Sewing

I can't believe school is back in session and that I haven't posted anything over here since the 4th of July! Yikes. Well, I guess we were too busy having fun summertime adventures. I haven't done much sewing over the past two months.  A small project here and there. I made two more KIP bags (Knitting-In-Public) that are all the rage in my knitting group, and even added a neat little detail of a scissors leash to keep them from going flying when the bag gets knocked over. This one is mine, I got the cute scissor fabric from my cousin Tiffany as a birthday present.

I also made two needle organizer cases. I have been meaning to do this project for months and I love how it turned out! It holds both my circulars and double points and makes it very easy to see if I have the right needles for any project. I don't have a picture of the other KIP bag and needle case, I made them for my sister. A cute pink and brown set. Anything I can do to seduce her over to the dark knitting side....

I used two fat quarter, a remnant of batting and half a box of ziplock bags. It closes with a piece of velcro which works okay, but if I were to make another one I would use a magnetic purse snap for a little more heavy duty usage.

It did provide a perfect place to display my mantra...

I finished a pair of lace socks.

I call them my Waterfall socks because of the color of the yarn and the zig-zag pattern of the lace. The pattern is Spring Forward and the yarn is Cherry Tree Hill.

I also knit a simple shrug for Lila out of some yummy yellow Sorbetto yarn that has been hanging out in my stash for a year or so.  And then I thought it needed something to go with it so I sewed up a little sundress, the cherry fabric was also in my stash. And the best part is that I got the yarn on sale for $1.99 a skein and the fabric on sale for $1.99 a yard.  This whole adorable outfit cost me less than $5 to make!

Okay, maybe the best part is how much Lila loves her new dress.

 I cast on the shrug in the car one Saturday and Evie from the back seat said, "Oh! What are you making me Mom?"  I laughed and said, "Actually this is for Lila, but I love how you think everything I make is for you." She took that with a pretty good grace, but she asked me to make her one to match.  Good thing I have more of the Sorbetto in my stash.

I have started pulling out fabric and patterns to plan some fall sewing for Evie and Lila.  I am not sure how many of these will actually get made up, I think I like the planning and the possibilities in a pile of fabric so much I get a little carried away.  I love sewing warm things when the weather turns chilly though, so I guess it really depends on Mother Nature how much sewing gets done around here...